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Property Division In Florida

Last updated on October 27, 2023

When a divorce occurs, the life that the parties built together must be separated into new, individual lives for each of them. This includes dividing the property, assets and debts that have accumulated over the course of the marriage. Depending on the length of the marriage, a couple can accumulate substantial assets and property, which can include:

  • Homes
  • Stock options
  • Investment accounts
  • Vacation properties
  • Retirement accounts
  • Small businesses

In Florida, marital property is subject to an equitable division. Dividing assets and debts is often challenging, as “equitable” does not mean 50/50. At Julie Glocker Pierce, LLC, I can help you work to obtain an appropriate division of the marital property, securing your financial stability for the future.

Board-Certified Marital And Family Law Attorney

I am lawyer Julie Glocker Pierce. For more than 35 years, I have been using my experience to help people secure the outcomes they deserve to their divorces. This includes helping them leave the marriage with a fair share of what they helped to build in terms of property and assets.

I have been board-certified in marital and family law by The Florida Bar since 1995.  My experience can help you secure the division of property you should have.

Retirement Accounts

The division of retirement accounts must be properly handled to avoid negative tax ramifications. A fair division of retirement accounts can be a complicated matter. The marital portion of a retirement account is the portion contributed from the date of marriage to the date the petition for dissolution of marriage was filed.

It does not matter which spouse is named on the account. If the contributions fluctuated over the years the calculations become complicated. Loans from retirement accounts and the timing of repayment must be considered. Gains and losses on any premarital portion should be taken into account. We assist you to ensure you receive or retain as large a share as possible.

Small-Business Valuation

If your marital estate includes a small business, proper valuation of it is essential. What portion of the value is derived from the active participation of one or both of the spouses? Are personal expenses being paid from the business, thus increasing the real value of the business? Is there a noncompete agreement? How do we divide the business without destroying it? We work hard to answer these questions and preserve value for our client’s future.

Stock Options

Stock options granted to key employees may be provided for two reasons: to retain that individual or as payment for past services. Which reason is critical in determining if the option is part of the marital estate and if so what percentage is subject to valuation and division. We thoroughly investigate all of the factors the court should consider in making its determination.

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