The Divorce Representation You Deserve

Divorce can be a tremendously tumultuous experience. Every aspect of your personal and financial life will undergo change. My skill and decades of experience can help you navigate the difficulties of the divorce process and help ensure that those changes work for you.

I assist people with all aspects of a divorce, including:

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Tax Implications Need To Be Considered

When a divorce involves a substantial marital estate, it is essential that you are working with an attorney who has experience in dealing with all of the relevant issues, including taxes. Failing to take the possible tax implications of different approaches to the division of property can cause substantial and unnecessary losses.

We help clients with the division of investment accounts and retirement accounts to avoid taxation upon transfer. We have experience with small-business valuation and preserving capital. I can help protect what you have built up over the course of your marriage.

Board-Certified Marital And Family Law Attorney

I am Julie Glocker Pierce. I have been helping people work through their divorces and other family law matters since 1984. During that time, I have acquired the experience necessary to be able to effectively guide people through the divorce process. I am currently the only practicing board-certified marital and family lawyer located in Brevard County. I have been board-certified since 1995. Achieving board certification requires substantial demonstrations of knowledge and experience as well as favorable reviews from judges and other attorneys who know your work.

High-Asset Divorce Attorney In Indialantic, Serving Brevard County

I can help you overcome the challenges your divorce presents. Julie Glocker Pierce, LLC. To schedule an initial consultation, call 321-728-4955 or contact my office online.