Helping People Secure The Child Custody Arrangements They Need

When determinations regarding child custody and visitation (which the courts now refer to as time-sharing), are being decided, every parent has strong ideas. These crucial decisions will affect your relationship with your child for years to come. Once an order has been entered it is exceedingly difficult to change. So, making sure your voice is heard clearly and persuasively is the best way to ensure that you have the arrangements you need with your children.

Follow this link to the statutory criteria the court is to consider when determining time-sharing. Knowing what the judge is looking for and learning how to establish those facts is the key to a positive time-sharing outcome.

Creative Child Custody Solutions

One of the keys to effectively resolving child custody and visitation issues is the ability to envision creative solutions that the court will find acceptable. I am lawyer Julie Glocker Pierce. I have been serving the family law needs of people in Brevard County and the surrounding area since 1984. I understand what the court is likely to find acceptable, and I understand how to communicate it in a way that the court will find persuasive.

Another important element of the representation I provide to my clients is helping them understand how to minimize the impact their divorce or child custody issue is having on their child. Too often the children bear an unfair share of the stress and anxiety of these types of matters. I can help you avoid that toll on your child.

Follow the link to some of the Do's and Don'ts I have developed to help parents avoid allowing their emotions and fears to jeopardize their case and their children.

Board-Certified Marital And Family Law Attorney

Since 1995, I have been board-certified in marital and family law by The Florida Bar. In order to secure that certification I had to show extensive trial experience, depth of knowledge of the law as evidenced through successful completion of continuing education classes and passing a rigorous examination, and establish the respect of one's peers in the legal community. I am currently the only practicing board-certified marital and family law attorney located in Brevard County.

Child Custody Attorney In Indialantic, Serving Brevard County

For representation that respects your needs and an attorney who has the experience and skill necessary to help you secure the child custody and visitation arrangements you need, turn to Julie Glocker Pierce, LLC. To schedule an initial consultation, call 321-728-4955 or contact my office online.